National Walkout Day

Office of the Provost: March 8, 2018

To all faculty:

As you know, many students around the country will be walking out of classrooms on March 14 as a show of support for those who lost their lives at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, and to show support for stronger action on gun legislation. I speak for all of us in adding my heartfelt sympathy and unwavering support for the families and the community of Parkland.

When, How, and Who to Respond to Insults in Our Environment

Open Letter to the Editors of the Cavalier Daily

Dear Editors,

I am responding to the editorial in the Cavalier Daily Wednesday (9-21-16) about the racial slurs on the walls of Kent-Dabney dormitory.  As yesterday's editorial stated, this egregious and hateful act is indeed appalling. We must rise as a community to repudiate such behavior each time it occurs. This is an obligation for all of us, and important for us not to wait for an institutional leader to frame every event.

Academic Freedom

One of the exciting things about being your provost is the opportunity to see so much of what I value exemplified across Grounds – excellence, community spirit, personal teaching and learning, inclusiveness, fairness, wellness and positive impact on lives and society.  But perhaps no value at a great University is more important than truth.  It is at the foundation of what we do in discovering and imparting knowledge with and to students. It is at the heart of why we find it so important to support academic freedom.


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