Dual Careers

Recruiting and retaining an excellent faculty is a top priority at the University of Virginia. Many of our new faculty members make the decision to relocate along with a highly qualified spouse or partner who also has a thriving and rewarding career. We are here to help.

If you are currently considering relocation to Charlottesville or are a current faculty member, your spouse or partner can contact our dual career program for assistance. We can help to provide advice about the local job market and assistance in building your network in the Charlottesville area. We can also assist spouses and partners who are seeking faculty positions to explore the possibilities for employment at UVa and offer access to resources for telecommuting for those who want to remain with a current employer. While we cannot guarantee placement, we will use every resource at our disposal to serve as an effective support system for your spouse or partner.

If you are a candidate for a faculty position at UVa and you have a spouse or partner who would like to explore employment possibilities in Charlottesville, you may begin by notifying your search committee chair. The search committee chair can then notify the department chair or associate dean and contact the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs for assistance (434-924-3717 or kla6t@virginia.edu). If you are a current faculty member, you should begin by contacting your department chair, who will then work with your Dean and the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs to explore options.