Dual Careers

The University of Virginia recognizes that employment decisions often involve two careers. As a member of a dual career couple we realize that you face unique challenges and we are committed to developing resources to assist you in your search.

We make every effort to work in partnership with departments, schools, and the dual career couple themselves to accommodate dual career needs. We have had considerable success in these endeavors but there are no guarantees. We offer employment assistance, not job placement.

While the Provost's Office can and will provide support and information about dual career resources at U.Va., the initiation of the active dual career hiring process resides within the department or school.

What is the Process for Dual Career Hiring at U.Va?

Notification of a dual career issue normally comes from a department or search committee chair to his or her school’s associate dean or dean. These notifications can occur at recruitment or as a result of a retention effort. Position openings may be identified and negotiated within or between schools at the decanal level. In some schools, such as the School of Medicine, department chairs may lead the process without the dean’s office’s direct involvement. The Provost's Office is frequently contacted by the dean’s office (or department chair; see above) to offer assistance in outreach to the spouse, sourcing positions, making the case to departments to consider spousal candidates, negotiating funding which can include cost sharing arrangements for salary from provost resources and liaising with Human Resources’ Office of Dual Career Recruitment for non-academic spousal hires.

For couples where both members are academics, spouses may contact Maggie Harden, Assistant to the Vice Provost's, directly at 434-924-0778 if they have questions regarding processes and/or any assistance the Provost's Office might provide.

For assistance with issues involving couples where one member is an academic and the other is not, please contact U.Va.’s Office of Dual Career Recruitment at 434-924-4717.

Dual Career Flowchart for U.Va. (pdf)

International Dual Career Faculty

U.Va.'s office of Compliance and Immigration Services in Human Resources (HR-CIS) is the best source of information and assistance for departments and search committees at U.Va.that are thinking about hiring a foreign national. It is important to contact Compliance and Immigration Services as early as possible in the process.