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The new rankings place the McIntire School of Commerce program at No. 2  among similar programs worldwide, based on career success, educational opportunities, potential to network and more.

Several University of Virginia-related people and entities were honored at the recent Charlottesville Business Innovation Council’s annual CBIC Gala.

UVA researchers have identified a “master switch” that they may be able to manipulate to overcome the obstacles that have prevented doctors from producing platelets in large quantities outside the body.

A phenomenon observed in clocks in 1665 also explains how the body times the replacement of disease-preventing cells in our guts.

Saturday morning dawned beautiful and breezy as thousands of soon-to-be University of Virginia graduates gathered near the newly renovated Rotunda to celebrate the University’s 188th Final Exercises.

NPR's Audie Cornish talks to Barbara Perry, director of presidential studies at UVA’s Miller Center, about the history of recordings at the White House.


Following President Trump’s tweet about secret recordings, UVA’s Miller Center opens its archives to share three of the most consequential White House tapes of all time.

Education professor Dan Duke says investigating achievement gaps between races is not enough.

Tom Bateman, a professor at UVA’s McIntire School of Commerce, said the country will keep moving away from fossil fuels, despite Trump administration nods to coal and oil.

The study, led by UVA researchers, drew its conclusions from data from 246,000 students in grades four through 12 at 109 schools across Maryland. It is the only study of its kind to report rates of bullying measured over an entire decade.

Faculty members presented research on preventing strokes, shoring up cybersecurity defenses, addressing gender imbalances in corporate leadership, using neuroscience in marketing and more.