October 22, 2017 to October 22, 2018

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News Highlights

Executive Vice President and Provost Thomas C. Katsouleas will address students, families and friends Oct. 26 at the University of Virginia’s Fall Convocation.

Many apparently healthy children in developing countries are suffering from unrecognized infections, with lifelong consequences, according to two studies from an international coalition of scientists that includes UVA researchers.

UVA assistant media studies professor Chris Ali spent his summer driving around small farm towns in the Midwest to get a better handle on why high-speed internet there remains so scarce.

The award includes $5.6 million in funding to advance the Kipnis lab’s cutting-edge research into links between the brain and the immune system.

Many terrific, game-changing discoveries and inventions have emanated over the years from the University of Virginia’s creative faculty, so it’s hard to name them all. From brain research to particle physics, from new ways to understand the cosmos to developing innovative treatments for disease and medical devices, UVA has done it all – and is doing more.

The $3 million award will help UVA Engineering’s Link Lab establish an innovative curriculum focused on real-world challenges for Ph.D. students, plus an 18-month master’s degree in cyber-physical systems.

The former ambassador to Poland and lead implementor of the Iran nuclear deal is bringing his vast experience as a top-level foreign service officer to the University

Co-director and White House veteran Melody Barnes, Miller Center director William Antholis and College of Arts & Sciences Dean Ian Baucom discuss UVA’s ambitious goal to answer the most essential questions facing democracy today.

A nursing professor is investigating whether helping patients with mild cognitive decline could benefit from a better night’s sleep.

Historian Claudrena N. Harold and architectural historian Louis P. Nelson edited the book, “Charlottesville 2017: The Legacy of Race and Inequity.”

As the U.S. moves toward a “diverse-majority” society, UVA professor Joanna Williams reviews the education research and shares what schools and communities can do to promote equity.