Suggested Guidelines: Expectation of Continued Employment Review

Contact Office: Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost

Oversight Executive: Executive Vice President and Provost

Applies to: Part-time and full-time faculty who do not hold tenured or tenure-track positions at the University who qualify for consideration for the Expectation of Continued Employment. Non-tenure-track faculty positions are tenure ineligible and are for fixed terms.

This procedure does not apply to members of the professional research staff, i.e., research assistants, research associates, research scientists, senior scientists, and principal scientists. Members of the professional research staff are governed by the policy on Professional Research Staff.

Reason for Procedure:

To provide guidelines for the expectation of continued employment (ECE) review for non-tenure-track faculty in areas reporting to the Executive Vice President and Provost. Areas not reporting to the Provost should follow the ECE procedures established in that area. The guidelines established by this procedure pertain only to the timeliness of the process, not to the merits of an ECE decision. The decision will be made on the merits ofeach individual case.

These guidelines accompany the Employment of Non-Tenure-Track Faculty policy.

Procedure for the Expectation of Continued Employment (ECE) for Academic Non- Tenure-Track Faculty

Reviews of all non-tenure track academic faculty are expected to adhere to the schedule below regardless of the faculty member’s start date anniversary.

One academic year (two semesters) prior to the ECE date: A committee or representative appointed by the dean initiates the ECE process using the procedures set forth by the relevant school or department and approved by the executive vice president and provost.

By October 1: Candidates submit annual reviews, vitae, and planning documents to the appropriate committee or representative.

By November 1: Candidates meet with their respective supervisor for an ECEdiscussion based on previously agreed upon performance expectations. The department head/supervisor submits the ECE documents to the school’s ECE committee in accordance with each school’s ECE procedures.

By January 1:The ECE committee or representative forwards a positive or negative ECE recommendation to the Dean.

E. By February 1 (one semester prior to the ECE date):

The dean forwards positive or negative ECE recommendations with supporting evidence to the provost.

Procedure for the Expectation of Continued Employment (ECE) for Administrative and Professional Faculty in Areas Reporting to the Executive Vice President and Provost

There are two dates by which the executive vice president and provost should receive ECE candidate recommendations for administrative and professional faculty, October 1 and February 1. Prior to these dates, the ECE process should be initiated using the procedures set forth by the administrative and professional faculty member’s school or office. Each school or unit should have a written procedure for ECE review that reflects the standards of its discipline or office. Differences among disciplines and offices are appropriate, indeed inevitable, but each procedure should be justified against an articulated mission, should assure fair and reasoned application, and should be consistent with the procedure outlined below. In the event that written procedures have not been established by a school or unit, administrative and professional faculty should adhere to the following procedure for ECE review, which has been established by the executive vice president and provost.

Candidates compile an ECE packet with appropriate materials in consultation with their supervisor. The ECE packet should be submitted to the candidate’s review committee. Appropriate materials may include, but are not limited to:

  • Annual report(s)
  • Annual performance review(s)
  • A personal statement of accomplishments and goals
  • Letters of recommendation and endorsement (typically submitted directly to the review committee)
  • Other materials that may support the recommendation

The review committee will submit the ECE packet with a recommendation to the dean or unit head. After receipt of the committee’s evaluation, the dean or unit head will review and forward the packet to the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost with a positive or negative recommendation. A committee will be appointed for individuals reporting directly to the provost who are undergoing ECE review. The provost should receive recommendations for ECE candidates from the dean or unit head twice a year, no later than October 1 and February 1. As soon as practicable, the executive vice president and provost will respond in writing to the appropriate dean or unit head regarding the ECE decision.