Search Committee Support

Your work as search committee members and chairs is a valuable service to the university. Faculty excellence is foundational to organizational excellence and is rooted in the dedicated work of individual search committee members and chairs, and the committee as a whole, to attract the best possible applicant pool.

Take the EOP tutorial

  • Required for all members of search committees seeking to fill any academic, research and administrative positions
  • Focuses on compliance and legal issues

More information about EOP training and education

Academic Search Portal

The UVa CHARGE Academic Search Portal provides faculty with comprehensive information and tools to recruit and hire distinguished faculty. The site includes an overview of the process and procedures at UVa, research on best practices in the hiring process, university guidelines, and research and resources on recognizing and addressing implicit bias in the hiring process. Faculty will also find useful models, checklists, and evaluation tools to ensure equity and make the process smoother.

Legal Resources to Help Promote Effective Diversity Programs in the Sciences and Other Disciplines

Hiring International Faculty

UVA's office of Compliance and Immigration Services in Human Resources (HR-CIS) is the best source of information and assistance for departments and search committees at UVA that are thinking about hiring a foreign national. It is important to contact Compliance and Immigration Services as early as possible in the process.

The Center for American English Language and Culture (CAELC) "provides an array of services to help members of the University of Virginia community attain the level of linguistic and cultural proficiency required for success at a research university in the United States."