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Does It Matter if Teachers and Students Are the Same Race?

Two preschoolers with world globe

A new study from the University of Virginia’s Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning suggests that the background of the teachers in the front of pre-kindergarten classrooms can make a big difference.

Six Myths of Gifted Education That Lead to Overlooking Talented Minority Students

reading activity with students

Inequality in American public education looms large in gifted education nationwide. While approximately 49 percent of public school students are minority students, they make up only about 40 percent of those in programs for gifted students.

Study: Threat Assessment Teams are Making a Positive Impact in Virginia Schools

Dewey Cornell, professor at U.Va.'s Curry School of Education and director of the Virginia Youth Violence Project

The presence of threat assessment teams in Virginia’s public schools is making a positive impact, according to a report that analyzed the teams during the first year they were required by state law.

U.Va. Fares Well in U.S. News’ Graduate and Professional Rankings

Teacher Classroom

The University of Virginia is perhaps best known for the quality of its undergraduate student experience, but the U.S. News & World Report’s annual rankings of graduate and professional programs underscores U.Va.’s qualities in those areas as well.

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