2020 Election Programs & Events

Below is a list of academically-focused events occurring before, during, and after the 2020 election. While not comprehensive, it encompasses a wide variety of programming offered by UVA’s schools and other academic entities. If you wish to submit an event to add to this list, email provost@virginia.edu. Please note that Student Affairs and other entities around Grounds are also offering programming during this election season.

Post-Election Events

Airing Now

Three-Part Docuseries: "Dismantling Democracy"

Available on Amazon Prime
Presented by Center for Politics

“Dismantling Democracy” covers a host of topics including: the 2020 election; the pandemic; voter suppression; corruption; populism; culture wars; foreign interference in elections; history and tendency to revert to dictatorial/authoritarian powers in times of crises, among other topics.  It will continue to broadcast on PBS stations nationwide and on Prime Video over the coming months.  

The Pandemic Election 

Presented by With Good Reason

Featuring, Gilda Daniels, GMU professor Jennifer Victor, and University of Mary Washington professor Rosalyn Cooperman.


How to Handle Election-Related Stress 

Hosted by the Faculty Assistance Program (FEAP)

Faculty and staff have at their disposition many resources from UVA Faculty & Employee Assistance Program (FEAP), including this tip of the month on “How to Handle Election-Related Stress".

Election-Related Resources 

Provided by Center for Politics

The Center for Politics has a host of election-related resources about voting; volunteering; accessing candidate information; election law changes; Charlottesville polling locations etc.

Preparing to Teach Before and After the 2020 Presidential Election

Provided by the Center for Teaching Excellence

This CTE blog post contains strategies and resources to help instructors prepare and engage students before and after the election.

Chase the White House 2020

Presented by Master of Data Science Students Matt Thomas, Ben Rogers, Chad Sopata, and Spencer Marusco

As part of their capstone project, these students have launched the official School of Data Science election forecasting website by replicating many existing predictive models and building their own model. You can compare the forecasts of different models, learn about the data that goes into building each model, and download the replication data and code. After the election, the students will be assessing the performance of each model and will consider what the results can teach us about the American electorate.

Notable Quotables on the Path to the White House

Presented by Master of Data Science Students Ramit Garg, Maxwell McGaw, and Kevin Finity

As part of their capstone project, these students have been collecting the transcripts of all official campaign speeches, interviews, and debates by presidential and vice presidential candidates in the 2020 election.

Election 2020 and its Aftermath

Provided by the Miller Center

UVA’s Institute of Democracy experts offer frequent updates on the latest developments on the presidential election.

Pending: Post-Election Events

Institute of Democracy Post Election “War Room”

Hosted by the Democracy Initiative and the Miller Center of Public Affairs

Cross-UVA team of experts on government, constitutional law and history convened to produce a range of non-partisan resources to guide the general public and press through the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election – the days from November 3, 2020, until the electoral college process successfully concludes or the House of Representatives and Senate act.  

Predictive State-level model for the Presidential Election

Hosted by the School of Data Science

Post-Election Panel

Hosted by School of Engineering and Applied Science

Join Dr. Bernier Carlson, Chair of Engineering and Society for a post-election panel on the history of voting and voting methods.

Post-Election Session on Mindfulness and Stress Management 

Hosted by School of Engineering and Applied Science

Join James Bland, Director of the Center for Diversity in Engineering, for a post-election session on mindfulness that will specifically focus on stress management. This program will be offered in collaboration with Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS).