Advising Principles for Grading Options

Details on CR/GC/NC Options

On November 9, 2020, UVA Provost Liz Magill announced an extension of the fall 2020 grading policy for both the 2021 J-Term and the spring 2021 semester, thereby allowing all undergraduates and those graduate students who had this option during the fall 2020 to again have the option to change from a standard letter grade in a class to a Credit/General Credit/No Credit (CR/GC/NC) grade. With three regular semesters of an available CR/NC/GC grading option, undergraduate students and their advisors will want to consider the implications of selecting or not selecting the CR/NC/GC grading option for some or all classes. This resource, which was compiled with advice from representatives from the University’s schools, Career Center, and other relevant offices, aspires to provide such guidance. Graduate and professional students who have questions about choosing a CR/GC/NC grade in some or all of their classes should contact their academic advisor, department, or school. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has touched every corner of society around the world. Future employers and graduate schools will no doubt understand that students were experiencing this once-in-a-lifetime event while at UVA. At the same time, no one can predict exactly how students’ future professional and educational aspirations may be affected by their decisions to select or not select the CR/NC/GC grading option. It is important that students speak with their knowledgeable advisors and also conduct their own research to better understand the choices they are making.  We do want to be clear that the University leadership, and all of those who work with students, encourage students to put their own health and wellness first and focus on their needs in this most challenging time. Although many people will have strong opinions, the truth is that none of us know what the future will hold.  While grappling with this uncertainty is difficult, we believe that students should place a priority on their current wellbeing.  

A note on timing: the CR/NC/GC grading option was and is visible to students as they register for spring 2021 classes.  They were asked to select a grading option for each class when they enrolled. Whether they choose Graded (A-F grades) or COVID Credit/GenCredit/NoCre when they enroll, they can change their minds through the Add deadline (February 16) by using Edit Enrollment in SIS. SIS will re-open from April 23 to April 30, 2021, to change grade option if students wish. The final grading option decision must be made by April 30, 11:59 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time.

What Choosing CR/GC/NC Means for a Student’s Time at UVA:

What Choosing CR/GC/NC Means After UVA Graduation: