COAA: Download & Installation for Mac: Read&Write v.6.0.6


Installation Instructions

  1. Download a copy of the Read&Write folder from the UVa Software Gateway.
    Once the Take Home copy has been copied to your machine or if using a USB, navigate to the location where the parent folder is located and click the Read&Write Gold app
    Read and Write Gold software icon in applications folder

  2. Accept the license agreement and click ok
    Read and Write Gold license agreement

  3. Click the Activate button to open the program.
    Read and Write activation prompt
    Notes: Clicking Skip Activation will allow 25 uses before the program will no longer open. If you click the activate button and are prompted for an Activation Code, then a new code has been generated for this license. You must contact your institution for the current code. When provided the code, tick the Activate by telephone box and enter the code into the field.

    If prompted to download High Quality Voices, click Don’t Ask to not be prompted again. High Quality voices must be provided by your institution.

    Read and Write High Quality Voices software prompt
    The Read&Write 6 splash screen will appear as the program begins to load.
    Read and Write loading progress screen

  4. Click Allow to accept incoming network connections. Clicking Deny may affect the programs performance.
    Read and Write prompt to accept or deny incoming network connections

If there are any errors or problems with the installation, please contact US Technical Support by emailing us‐ or call 888‐248‐2479
600 Unicorn Park Drive – Woburn, MA 01801