Faculty Salary Memorandum (2018-19)

Monday, May 14, 2018


TO:    Academic Deans

FROM:    Thomas C. Katsouleas, Executive Vice President & Provost

RE:    2018-2019 Faculty Merit Compensation

I write to outline the 2018-19 merit increase recommendation process.

Salary increases will be effective July 25, 2018 for 12-month faculty and August 25, 2018 for non 12-month faculty.

All salary increases are subject to the availability of funding. As such, merit increase proposals should correspond to each unit's Budget, as submitted and approved by the Provost. While the average salary merit increase for teaching and research faculty will be 3.0 percent each school’s average increase may vary in accordance with its approved plan.

University Human Resources will distribute specific directions as to the appropriate reports to run to initiate the merit increase process. Additional details regarding the timeline of the increase process can be found below.

The following are guidelines related to salary increases for teaching and research faculty:

  • Salary increases should be awarded in accordance with the Policy on University Faculty Salaries and Bonuses. Per this policy, increase recommendations should take into consideration such factors as performance, market and equity.
  • Increases are not awarded "across the board" or on a pre-determined merit-based scale.
  • Increases should be awarded in accordance with the school's approved peer review plan and methodology for distributing increases.
  • Increase recommendations greater than 10 percent require a narrative justification and supporting documentation.
  • All increases, including those for promotion and tenure, will be effective July 25, 2018 for 12 month faculty members and August 25, 2018 for non 12-month faculty.
  • Schools will receive salary recommendation worksheets from UVA HR by May 18 and be expected to submit completed worksheets to the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost by the close of business day on June 22
  • Deans will be able to inform faculty after July 23 of approved merit increases per the timeline provided below.
By May 18 Schools will receive Excel worksheets from University Human Resources(UVA HR)
By June 22 Schools submit completed worksheets to the Office of the EVP & Provost for review & approval
By July 23 Provost’s Office reviews and approves the salary recommendations
After July 23 Salary increases may be shared with the faculty
By August 6 Schools and Units submit final approved workbooks to UHR
August 27 12-month T&R faculty monthly payroll processed
August 31 12-month T&R Faculty check date
September 24 Non-12-month T&R faculty monthly payroll processed
September 28 Non-12-month T&R faculty check date


 If you have any questions regarding the implementation of the faculty merit increase, please contact Anda Webb, vice provost for administration and chief of staff, at 4-0999 or by e-mail at alwebb@virginia.edu.