Faculty and Employee Assistance and Wellness Programs

The Faculty and Employee Assistance Program (FEAP) has been providing comprehensive, onsite employee assistance services to employees and their families since its inception in 1991. What began as a program for the University of Virginia in Charlottesville has expanded to include all of UVA plus many of the area’s employers as well. The program’s mission is to assist organizations to maximize employee productivity and to help employees identify and resolve personal concerns that may affect job performance. The program offers individualized, confidential assessments based on clinically sound standards, brief counseling, and appropriate community referrals as necessary. In addition, the program provides consultation to supervisors and managers to assist in addressing employee/team challenges.

Human Resources also offers the Hoo’s Well program. Created in partnership with the University’s health insurance provider, Aetna, this voluntary program is designed to help faculty members get healthy and stay healthy by improving their general fitness and reducing their risk for heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other debilitating illnesses. Hoo’s Well includes programs to help individuals lose weight, improve their diet and nutrition, quit smoking, manage stress, and enhance their general health.

All Academic Division and Medical Center employees and their spouses currently covered by the UVA Health Plan are eligible to participate in Hoo’s Well.