Funds for Hosting of Students

Full-time faculty members with the rank of instructor and above are eligible for reimbursement for hosting students enrolled in their courses and/or academic advisees. Faculty Fellows in Brown, IRC, or Hereford Residential Colleges may also be reimbursed for hosting students from the respective residential colleges.

Reimbursement from the fund will be approved by the Office of the Dean of Students in an amount up to $100 for one occasion per course per semester. Reimbursement to an individual faculty member may not exceed one occasion per course during the fall and spring semesters, J-term, and summer session.

Reimbursement will be approved for hosting only in the faculty residence, in a University Dining Service location, in a University location, or for attendance at a University-sponsored play or musical performance. (Note: Local restaurants do not meet the guidelines.) Alcohol is not a reimbursable expense.

The reimbursement request form can be found online. For questions, contact the Office of the Dean of Students by email or call (434) 924-7427.