Retired Faculty Activities

Founded in 1991, the Retired Faculty Association holds general membership meetings quarterly, where topics and speakers are attuned to financial affairs, medical problems, travel opportunities, and similar subjects. Dues are $25 per annum and spouses of deceased, retired faculty members also are eligible for membership. The organization can be contacted by phone at 434-924-3787.

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at the University of Virginia offers educational opportunities and intellectual enrichment to active adults in the community. OLLI is member-directed and draws upon its members’ resources, as well as other academic and community resources, to organize courses and other educational activities. In this stimulating environment, members may acquire new knowledge, explore ideas, exercise creativity, and share interests and expertise with others. OLLI classes are held in the daytime, almost always in places with convenient parking. Courses usually last three to six weeks. Current and retired faculty members are invited to join OLLI and/or to teach courses in whatever areas are of interest to them. For many retired faculty members, OLLI is an opportunity to teach outside their discipline on topics that have long interested them. OLLI instructors do not receive compensation but may take classes at OLLI for free for two semesters.