Open Award: Alumni Association Distinguished Professor Award

The Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost issues a call for nominations each fall. Nominees are considered for all Open Awards for which they are eligible. Please do not specify or nominate separately for each Open Award.


Outstanding teacher. Demonstrated commitment to student success. Contributed significantly to University life.


Member of the UVA faculty for at least ten years. Previous winners of an award administered by the Teaching Awards Committee within the last five years are ineligible for an Open Award. Tenure status is not a consideration for this award.

Award Information

$10,000 and lifetime membership in the Alumni Association.

Winners of this prestigious award are asked to share their teaching expertise with students and/or colleagues in one or more of these ways during the three years following their selection for this Award:

  • Work with the Center for Teaching Excellence to enhance teaching generally at the University by, for example, participating and/or presenting in teaching workshops; mentoring faculty colleagues on teaching issues; leading a faculty or TA reading group about teaching; organizing a departmental series of teaching workshops and/or panels
  • Advise one or more undergraduate students on a research project, such as those funded by the Harrison Research, Creative Arts, Double Hoo Awards; and by the Jefferson Public Citizens Program
  • Offer a special undergraduate course, such as an Academic Community Engagement (ACE) course, a University Seminar (USEM), a College Advising (COLA) Seminar, or a J-Term course.