Final Report NTTF Task Force & Provost's Response 2015

To: Lois Shepherd
      Chair, Non-Tenure Track Task Force

From: John D. Simon
     Executive Vice President & Provost


Re: Final Report NTTF Task Force
I am writing to thank you and the Task Force for the significant work you have done over the past two years. I think the report represents an important step forward with respect to the structure of the faculty at UVA and once implemented will place UVA in a leadership position. Others are sure to follow UVA.
I endorse the task force recommendations.

  1. I fully endorse the creation of the proposed faculty tracks and titles as well as increased flexibility for movement between tracks. The proposal represents a significant step forward in developing a faculty comprising tenure track and non-tenure track appointments.
  2. The Provost's office will work to align its hiring, title, and promotion policies to reflect the changes proposed by the task force.
  3. Schools will be charged to develop policies consistent with the revised Provost policies on their hiring, title, and promotion practices that clearly articulate the evaluation processes for promotion of the General Faculty; these school policies would be subject to approval by the Provost.
  4. I endorse, moving forward, the replacement of ECE by the three year evergreen contract.
  5. Schools and departments will be charged to revisit their bylaws, policies, processes, and practices and where appropriate, reform these processes to reflect the intent of the task force report on issues of governance. School deans, in consultation with the Provost office, will be responsible for leading this effort.

John D. Simon
Executive Vice President & Provost

Final Report NTTF Task Force