Actions in the Order They Appear in the Docket

  1. Elections (New Hires)
    Need to take: new hires, if hired from lecturer or instructor rank to professorial rank, if reclassified with a professorial rank, if hired part-time but now moving to fulltime and have not been to the board yet.
    Require biographical sketches.
    Do not take again if they have already been approved by the board, i.e. Faculty returning from leave.

  2. Actions Relating to Endowed and Eminent Chairholders

    1. Elections - Need term and salary change if applicable

    2. Promotions - Change in rank while holding a chair

    3. Changes of Title - If a person is moved from one chair to another before the original term is complete, or is resigning from a chair before the term is complete and returning to their original faculty title

    4. Salary Actions - Change in base rate while holding a chair

    5. Resignations - While holding a chair, resigning from UVA employment

    6. Retirements - While holding a chair; will take endowed chair title if appointed to emeritus

  3. Promotions - Changes in professorial rank
    Do not take administrative appointments in this section

  4. Special Salary Actions - Take changes in base rate due to an increase for retention purposes or change in additional duties (such as chairing a department). We report the base salary that is either academic (9 month) or annual (12 month), with the appropriate corresponding term dates. Exceptions require notifying the faculty actions specialist.
    Do not take merit increases, on-cycle promotional increases, equity adjustments.

  5. Resignations - Take for resigning a position mid-term: personal reasons, another job.
    Do not take if completion of term, non-renewals

  6. Retirements - Faculty who have been fulltime througout their career even if they have phased to less than full-time prior to retirement.

  7. Appointments - Only Deans, Vice Provosts, the University Architect, the University Building Official, The Chief Audit Executive, the Secretary to the BOV, and the President’s Chief of Staff

  8. Re-Appointments - renewals of above

  9. Elections of Vice Presidents (Each one has their own separate numbered action.)
    Do not take Assistant or Associate Vice Presidents

  10. Re-Elections of Vice Presidents (same as above)

  11. Elections of Professor Emeritus - Usually tenured faculty of professorial rank with ten years of service.

  12. Elections of Associate Professor Emeritus - Usually tenured faculty of associate professorial rank with ten years of service.

  13. Deaths – Only if retired from service at UVA, not another institution.

  14. UVA Wise Actions (in same order as all of the above)