Formal Faculty Titles

The position screen may be populated with a combination of faculty and administrative titles or other variances.

School of Medicine has their own tracks and title conventions and the below does not apply to School of Medicine faculty. Refer to their website for these titles.

For letters of employment, approval by the Board of Visitors, and administrative purposes the FORMAL FACULTY TITLE is governed by provost policy and must conform to a standard format of [Rank] of [Academic Discipline/Area] as detailed in examples below:

  1. Tenure Track Example
    1. Assistant Professor of English
    2. Associate Professor of Law
  2. Tenured Example
    1. Associate Professor of English
    2. Professor of Law
  3. Teaching Track Example
    1. Assistant Professor of English, General Faculty
  4. Research Track Example
    1. Research Assistant Professor of English
  5. Practice Track Example
    1. Assistant Professor of Practice in Drama