Hiring Plan Instructions


To: Deans of the Schools
From: M. Elizabeth Magill, Executive Vice President & Provost
Date: Monday, May 20, 2019

Re: Faculty Hiring Plan Instructions

Please submit your hiring plan for next year’s hiring cycle to me by June 14, 2019. All plans should be consistent with the resources you anticipate will be available to you under the revenue centered management budget model. I also expect that your plan will reflect the priorities of your school’s faculty budget advisory committee.

Please include all TTT and General (NTT) faculty hires at 0.5 FTE or above. You do not need to include faculty wage positions or visiting positions, as they should only be used to serve short-term or intermittent needs.

Your hiring plan must include the following items:

  1. A spreadsheet (see template, tab 1, or you may use your own) that lists the positions included in last year’s hiring plan, with the following information for each position:

    1. Was a search for this position conducted?

    2.  If a search was conducted, was a hire made? Who? If not, why not? Do you plan to carry over the search next year? Do you have a new strategy for the search?

    3. If no search was conducted, why not? Do you plan to search the position next year?

  2. A spreadsheet (see template, tab 2, or you may use your own) that includes the following fields for each position you plan to search next year:

    1. Department: the anticipated primary department. If it is possible that an individual might end up in one of two different departments, please add an additional field.

    2. Rank: open rank, lecturer, assistant professor, associate professor, or professor

    3. Track: tenured, tenure track or general faculty; if general faculty, which track, teaching, research, or practice

    4. FTE

    5. Months: type of appointment - 9, 10, 11 or 12 month. Even if you have a temporary 10-month arrangement during the first year, please indicate here what is intended as the long-term arrangement

    6. Anticipated start date

    7. Anticipated salary: enter the anticipated salary. We may use this data for reporting purposes and so it should match any assumptions the school might have made as a part of their budget

    8. Additional start-up funds allocated to this position: enter any funds that have been budgeted for such items as signing bonuses, lab set-up or equipment, travel or other general start-up funds. These should be one-time funds that contribute to the cost of the hire but might actually pay out over multiple years. Please provide as much nuance as possible. If your school has already documented this elsewhere, feel free to submit this information via a separate spreadsheet.

  3. A narrative that provides the following information:

    1. An explanation of the strategy behind each position you plan to search for next year. For TTT hires, the strategy must be more than “replacement” or “teaching”: please explain why the field you propose searching in supports the strategic priorities of the department, school, or university, including but not limited to the strategies outlined in your annual goals, your diversity plan, or any other long-term planning in which you are engaged. For NTT faculty, particular teaching or research needs are a sufficient justification, provided you give enough information for us to understand why the need is better suited for a NTT hire than a TTT hire.

    2. An explanation for any assumptions related to faculty departures that underlie this request. If these assumptions are not reflected in faculty departures to date, as reported to the provost’s office via our separate request for faculty retentions and resignations, please provide additional explanation.

    3. An explanation for any budget assumptions that underlie this request, including level of subvention, enrollment growth etc.

    4. An explanation of how your plan anticipates the need to fund positions for dual career faculty couples (e.g., have you set aside a number of lines for spousal or partner hires; do you have a list of long term priority areas that spouses or partners could compete for). Please include historical information on the frequency of faculty couples applying for dual positions in your school and how your handling of these situations informs your plan.