Illustration of the human brain
May 28, 2019 to May 31, 2019

UVA Brain Symposium

News Highlights

Combined with matching funds, the gift delivers $82 million in total impact. That includes the $68 million new gift and $14 million in matching funds from UVA’s Bicentennial Professors Fund.

The co-founder of the Creative Writing Program is retiring from UVA’s English department faculty after 44 years.

The grads earned degrees from 10 UVA schools, plus the Data Science Institute.

Under the supervision of history professor John Edwin Mason, portraits of African Americans in Charlottesville taken in the later 1800s and early 1900s were installed around the construction site that will become UVA’s Memorial to Enslaved Laborers.

At UVA’s School of Law, an exercise studying presidents who did not want to relinquish power blossomed into the penning of a provocative law review article.

Edward H. Egelman, whose research focuses on a world far too small for even the most powerful light microscopes to see, has been elected to the National Academy of Sciences.

Solomon brings a wealth of experience in government, academia and the private sector. He will assume his duties Sept. 1.

Fellowships, 20 UVA faculty members spent part of the past academic year exploring how to write opinion pieces for a wider public audience, using their wealth of knowledge and unique perspectives.

The University of Virginia’s Faculty Senate voted unanimously to establish the University’s 12th school – the School of Data Science.

Almost 8,000 light-years from Earth, swinging jets shoot out at nearly the speed of light from around a black hole, rapidly changing direction as they spray clouds of plasma into space.

University of Virginia President Jim Ryan today announced the appointment of Kevin G. McDonald as vice president for diversity, equity and inclusion.