UVA and UVA Health System Jobs

Tips for Seeking UVA or UVA Affiliated Positions

UVA and UVA Affiliated positions post to several distinct websites:

  • Faculty and staff positions at the University of Virginia and the UVA School of Medicine are available on the “Jobs@uva” website.

  • Positions within the UVA Medical Center (e.g., nursing positions, physical therapists, clinical pharmacists, technician and coordinator roles, patient advocates and social worker positions) post to the UVA Medical Center.

  • The University of Virginia Physician’s Group (UPG) employs clinical physicians, physician assistants and some nursing positions, along with finance staff and medical office assistants.

UVA uses an Executive Search Group, an internal search firm, to recruit for certain executive and senior roles. Although you may also find these postings on Jobs@UVA, you may view a subset of postings at the Executive Search Group & Strategic Resourcing website.

Many professionals (e.g., data analysts, finance and marketing staff, website developers) have skill sets that may be in demand at UVA, the Health System and/or at the University Physician’s Group. If you have this type of expertise, you may need to search each job site separately to gain a comprehensive view of the many UVA and UVA affiliated opportunities.

Additionally, there are nearly 30 UVA affiliated foundations. While a few of these foundations post their positions to Jobs@UVA, the majority of these foundations post their positions on their individual websites.