Cluster Hiring Initiative

What Is A Cluster Search/Hire?

A cluster search seeks multiple faculty members from across disciplines who are working in a particular interdisciplinary field with the potential for broader social impact. Cluster hires have the potential to expand the University’s diversity and to reduce discipline- and institution-generated barriers to research. These searches are conducted collaboratively by several schools or departments. Rather than focusing on a particular school or particular “line,” the search committee reserves judgment on the appropriate tenure home (or homes) for the faculty members until after it has identified the strongest set of candidates in the broad interdisciplinary field.

UVA has embarked on a multi-year pan-university cluster hiring initiative, in which up to 20 new faculty members will be recruited each year through cluster searches with central financial assistance. Cluster searches provide both unique opportunities and specific challenges. This orientation document is intended to help search committees to navigate these challenges so that they will be poised to capitalize on this extraordinary opportunity.

What Kinds of Searches is UVA Conducting this Year?

During the 2018-2019 academic year, the University of Virginia will be conducting cluster hiring in the following areas:

Has UVA Successfully Hired this Way in the Past?