Required Procedures for Cluster Searches

Office of the Executive Vice President & Provost
Procedural Guidelines for Cluster Search Candidates
Fiscal Year 2016-2017

  1. Authorization to hire.
    Even though your cluster search has been approved by the provost’s office, you still need provost approval before making an offer to a particular candidate. Once you have a final candidate, the dean (of the school the faculty member would be joining in their primary assignment) must submit a written request directly to Provost Magill. This request must be copied to Vice Provost Maïté Brandt-Pearce, in addition to all other deans of schools involved in the cluster. The request must include:

    • a description of the candidate and why the committee has decided to make that candidate an offer

    • the amount of the proposed salary range and cost of any start-up package.

    The respective dean may issue an offer only after the Provost has approved the candidate.

  2. Financial Commitments:

    1. Search Expenses: The Provost’s Office will reimburse up to $5,000 in search expenses per position. Acceptable search expenses include advertising and food, lodging, and transportation of candidates. When the search is completed, or when you reach the $5,000 limit, you may submit a summary of your expenses to Eduardo Lorente ( for reimbursement. If you have multiple positions approved, you may be reimbursed for up to $5,000 per position.

    2. Salary Support from the Provost: If an offer is accepted, the Provost's Office will support the hire on a five-year walk-down (100% salary and fringes in year 1, 75% year 2, etc.).

    3. Start-Up Costs: Generally, the Provost’s office will cover 1/2 of the start-up costs, amortized over a period of three years. Any start-up package needs to be approved in advance by the provost.

    4. Required Documentation: In order for a school to receive any funding, the hire must be documented as outlined below.

    5. Exclusions: Unless requested and approved in advance of the hire, the following types of expenses will not be covered by the Provost: summer wages, summer salary, travel, relocation, signing and other bonuses.

  3. MOUs:
    For any joint hire, an MOU is a good idea. It is required if the hire is a joint hire with tenure between schools or a joint hire on the tenure track between two departments within a school. An MOU sets forth both the general terms of the individual’s appointment as well as the financial commitment from all departments and/or school (for a template, see our website: An MOU for a joint tenure-track hire must include a “parachute” clause, whereby the faculty member can elect to seek tenure in only one school. The MOU should be created concurrently with the offer letter and signed by the faculty member, as well as both deans and the provost.

  4. Documentation of the search & hire (or declination):
    Schools are required to document the search and hire process through an online tracking system. As soon as possible, the school who is coordinating the search must designate a primary point of contact (POC) and fill out an initial on-line form. As the search progresses, the POC will be required to provide, at a minimum: the candidate “short-list”, all offer letters and any associated MOUs.

    Once an individual has accepted the offer, the final signed offer letter and information regarding the financial aspects of the hire must be submitted via this system in order to be considered documented.

  5. Contacts

If you need assistance, the following provost office personnel may be helpful to you:

General questions
Committee structure
Best practices for search committees

Maïté Brandt-Pearce
Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs

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Alexandra Rebhorn
Communications Manager


Dual Career Opportunities

Carolyn Kalantari
Dual Career Program Director


Financial commitment

Eduardo Lorente
Associate Vice Provost for Budget and Financial Planning

Joint Hire MOU

Laura Hawthorne
Associate Vice Provost for Administration & Policy Development, University Registrar

Documenting the final search & hire

Maggie Harden
Associate Vice Provost for Academic Administration