Libraries Committee

Committee Reporting Relationship

The Committee reports to the Executive Vice President and Provost.


The Libraries Committee advises the Executive Vice President and Provost on critical matters affecting the University libraries, including materials, services, facilities and equipment, and space. In addition, it acts as a forum for faculty, student, and administration viewpoints, and discharges other responsibilities as assigned.

Committee Structure

The Committee, appointed by the Executive Vice President and Provost, consists of:

  • 21 at-large faculty/staff members
  • University Librarian and the librarians from the Darden, Health Sciences, and Law libraries (ex-officio members without term)
  • Two at-large student members

University Library Committee 2019-20


Name: Department:
Braithwaite, Jeanine (jdb6bc) Batten
Cian, Luca (lc5yf) Darden
Cohen, George (gmc3y) Law School
Crisman, Phoebe (pc4v) Architecture
Dobrin, Lise (ld4n) Anthropology
Ellcessor, Elizabeth (eae2f) Media Studies
Fiorani, Francesca (ff6f) College of Arts and Sciences
Fowler, Elizabeth (ef4n) English
Freedman, Paul (pf7h) Politics
Kelly, Robert (rgk6y) Engineering
Goedde, Larry (log) Art
Halliday, Paul (ph4p) History
Hedstrom, Matt (msh6q) Religious Studies
Hurst, Ashley (arh7kz) School of Nursing
Macko, Stephen (sam8f) Environmental Sciences
May, Julia (jsm9z) SCPS
McDonnell, Stephen (sjm3qf) Engineering
Miller, John (jfm4j) Classics
Neeley, Kathryn (kan8 ) Engineering
Portmann, John (jep7a) Religious Studies
Sherman, Bill (whs2b) Architecture

Student Members:

  • Jessica (Jess) Swoboda (jas8vm), GESA Academic Committee Chair
  • Andrew Williams (atw6ee), Undergrad Architecture


  • Gretchen N. Arnold (gvn8), Claude Moore Health Sciences Library
  • Tom Marini (tmm9s), Darden Library)
  • Judy Thomas (jet3h), Director of Faculty Programs
  • John Unsworth (jmu2m), Dean of Libraries
  • Amy Wharton (aaw7mh), Law Library