Law School - ECE Review Process for Non-Tenure-Track Faculty (June 2014)

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Expectation of Continuing Employment Review Process for Non-Tenure-Track Faculty in the Law School

Teaching and Research Faculty Expectation of Continuing Employment (ECE) review ordinarily occurs during the sixth year of a non-tenure-track teaching and research faculty member’s employment at the Law School. The ECE decision is based primarily on teaching, institutional contributions  such as committee work and public service,  and (if relevant) scholarship.  A committee, typically of three persons, is appointed by the dean to conduct the initial evaluation. The committee speaks with faculty colleagues, visits classes, reviews the results of student evaluations, and conducts interviews with selected students. The committee then deliberates, votes, and reports to the dean, both orally and in writing. A final decision, based on the written report and recommendation of the committee, is made by the dean.  
The dean’s recommendation is then forwarded to the University provost, along with the committee’s report and the candidate’s CV. Central University review culminates with an action by the provost.

Part-time faculty are not eligible for ECE status.

Administrative and Professional Faculty

Since 2009, non-tenure-track administrative and professional faculty in the Law School have not been eligible for ECE status.

June 2014

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