Quarterly Policy Update from the Provost’s Office, February 2017

New Policies for Academic General Faculty

The revised policies for academic and A/P general faculty went into effect January 3, 2017. Each school is now developing a unit-specific policy for academic general faculty that will need to be approved by the provost’s office before it is implemented. Any postings for faculty jobs, hiring positions, or promotions in the interim period need to be discussed with Maïté Brandt-Pearce  or Laura Hawthorne. New school policies are due to the provost’s office for review by June 1, 2017. We have developed guidelines for schools as they develop their school-specific policies. These guidelines, the revised policies, and the FAQ we developed are all available under “G/General Faculty” in the Provost’s Office’s policy index.

Professors of Practice

Although the new policy for academic general faculty includes a practice track that will eventually replace PROV-014, Professors of Practice, schools should not begin hiring on the practice track until their school-specific policies have been approved by the provost. Schools that wish to hire associate or full professors of the practice before their school policies are approved may do so under the terms of PROV-014.

Qualifications for Positions That Carry Professorial Rank

Job postings for positions that carry professorial rank must list the terminal degree as a required qualification. Schools/units wishing to post a faculty position with professorial rank without requiring the terminal degree should contact Laura Hawthorne or Kerry Abrams to discuss the posting. If an exception to the policy is granted by the provost’s office, the school/unit will need to document the approval when it creates the posting in Jobs@UVA.

Review of Policy Governing Visiting Faculty Appointments

We are in the process of reviewing our policy and practices regarding the use of “visiting” as a qualifier for academic general faculty appointments that carry professorial rank. Schools that have a strong interest in our review should send suggestions/concerns to Laura Hawthorne. We plan to share a policy proposal for discussion with the academic associate deans at their monthly meeting in March before drafting policy revisions for review.

Faculty Offer Letter Templates

We are in the process of developing approved templates for use in faculty hiring. Laura Hawthorne has solicited sample templates from several schools. We will be sharing proposed templates with both the administrative and academic associate deans at upcoming monthly meetings. We are also reviewing proposed templates with school HR directors. For now, because the conditional offer letter web form is not compliant with the revised policy for academic general faculty, we have deactivated it. Those who have questions about faculty offer letters should contact Laura.

New Draft Policy for Review: Undergraduate Students Volunteers and University Research

The Undergraduate Academic Affairs Advisory Committee, a group of representatives from the undergraduate schools that advises the provost’s office, has suggested we develop a new policy in this area, based on guidelines they proposed last year. The draft policy is available for comment and download here. We will review comments beginning March 1, 2017, and decide how to proceed based on the feedback we’ve received to date. Once we feel the draft is ready, we’ll post it for 30-day review.

Your  Suggestions

We welcome your suggestions as to which policies we should consider prioritizing for development or revision, as well as ways in which we can improve communications and collaboration in our policy work.

For More Information, Contact:

Laura F. Hawthorne
Associate Vice Provost for Administration and Policy Development
Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost
LauraH@virginia.edu   434-924-3561