Setting Expectations in Your Syllabus & Classroom Guidance

Syllabus Suggestions and Classroom Expectations

What to put in your syllabus:

It is important that your students know how the semester will go, and the best place for them to find that information is your syllabus. Students should know before the beginning of classes what your requirements are (academic and behavioral) and what the consequences are for breaching those expectations. The Teaching Continuity website features some example language that you can use to let your students know what to expect. 

Classroom Environment

Here is a short description of what instructors can expect if they are teaching in-person during the semester. More information about classroom facilities can be found on the Information about Classroom Maintenance page.  

  • Each classroom will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected every evening. In addition, there will be cleaning wipes available in each classroom. Please clean your workspace before and after you use it, and ask your students to do the same. 

  • In or near every classroom there will be extra disposable masks should someone forget theirs. 

  • Classrooms have been modified so that physical distancing can be observed. Students will sit at least six feet apart, and they will be at least six feet from the instructor. Everyone is expected to wear a mask or other covering over the nose and mouth the entire time that they are in the classroom. The full University policy on marking and distancing can be found on the University’s policy website.

  • Some classrooms have been equipped with a plexiglass shield on the podium. Instructors are allowed to take off their masks when speaking from behind the shield.