The Captioning Project: Getting Started

What to caption?

The project's goal is to provide accurate captions for as much recorded academic content as possible. To achieve this 99%+ accuracy, professional services need to be used. So what should be captioned?

  • Video and audio-only content that is used repeatedly in the classroom.
  • If you record your lectures via Panopto, professional captions can be provided automatically. We just need to modify your account.
  • Content provided in large classes (roughly 65+ students) should have video/audio content captioned, regardless of any accommodation requests.
  • Best practices in UDL and other pedagogical practices strongly suggest accurate captions be provided.
  • World language content can be captioned in the language requested.
  • Translation services are available.
  • STEM, medical, and legal captions are provided by employing subject matter experts to achieve the 99%+ accuracy.

How do I get started?

  • If you want to caption your Panopto recorded lectures, send an email to and we will modify your account.
  • Contact the Captioning Coordinator for your school.

Submit a Captioning & Transcription Assistance Form and we will reach out to help you.

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