Employment of Academic General Faculty Members (Tenure-Ineligible)

Accepting Comments on Policy Draft

The provost's policy committee is providing this opportunity for faculty to review and comment on possible revisions to the policy PROV-004 Employment of Academic General Faculty Members (Tenure-Ineligible), as part of a comprehensive, inclusive review.

Thank you to all faculty that took the time to submit comments and share your personal experience with the implementation of this policy, whether it was through the provost’s form, the GFC, the Faculty Senate, by taking the COACHE survey, or otherwise. Based on faculty proposals and discussions with school leadership, the provost’s office is considering, among others, revisions that:

  • Clarify that schools must provide AGF the opportunity for a promotion review within 7 years in rank (assistant or lecturer), and faculty must clearly opt-out if they want to postpone or forego the review;
  • State that schools must have written criteria and procedures governing renewals for faculty, assigned effort must be consistent with the criteria that govern reappointments and promotions, and supervisors must guide faculty members toward timely and successful promotion reviews;
  • Provide faculty with 6+ years in rank a right of appeal to the provost in the event of non-renewal;
  • Rephrase some of the track effort percentages to less specific guidance language as long as the primary effort matches the track;
  • Remove qualifiers related to scholarship on the teaching track being “pedagogical or disciplinary” and “enhancing teaching,” leaving it to schools to specify if and what type of scholarship is required or allowed to count for promotion on the teaching track;
  • Permit schools, if they choose, to define in their policies equitable conditions under which 5-year contracts are granted after promotion.
  • Permit schools, if they choose, to define in their policies an alternate formal title for teaching faculty for external audiences, such as Professor, Teaching-track or Teaching Professor.

Before providing feedback, you may view the policy in full with tracked edits by clicking on the PDF link below.

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Policy PROV-004 Tracked Edits

The button below will take you to a form where you may submit open-ended feedback on the possible revisions. Please be sure to note the policy section number if you are commenting on a specific edit. Responses are not anonymous. A NetBadge login is required to verify your employment category and to allow the provost’s policy committee to contact you for follow-up information or to respond to your concerns. Comments are to inform the provost’s office during the development of this policy. Responses with names, computing IDs, and school affiliations removed will also be provided to the faculty senate policy committee. You may login multiple times if you would like to submit subsequent comments.

Feedback is requested by January 3, 2022.

There will be a virtual town hall to discuss these policy revisions on December 15, 2021 from 3-4:30pm.