The Generative AI Task Force for Teaching and Learning is charged with facilitating conversations among faculty and students about the role of generative AI in teaching and learning. The task force is also reviewing a broad range of sources to identify opportunities and challenges posed by generative AI for teaching and learning, and studying how our peer institutions are responding to the emergence of this technology. This work will culminate in a set of recommendations about how UVA can leverage the opportunities and manage the challenges of this technology in the near term. Generative AI also has the capacity to affect how the University pursues research, conducts operations, performs institutional analysis, and develops its technology infrastructure. The University will convene a second working group to determine how this technology could impact what we do in these and other areas.

Our understanding of Generative AI’s implications is still embryonic, and major advancements in the technology are on the horizon. The work of the task force will begin what is sure to be a long conversation, one that will continue as the technology evolves and as new pedagogical uses for it are developed. We hope that you will contribute to this conversation.