Committee Members

Executive Sponsors

Role: Set strategy and provide advocacy across the institution.

  • Brie Gertler, Vice Provost for Academic Affair

  • Virginia Evans, Vice President & Chief Information Officer

Steering Committee

Role: Help determine priorities, review progress, and gauge impact and success.

  • Executive Sponsors (see above)

  • Chair(s) (see below)

  • Sub-Committee Chairs (see below)

  • Vice Provost of Academic Technology

UTLT Chairs

Role: Enact strategy by communicating priorities, building relationships, lowering barriers, and working closely with Subcommittee Chairs to advance specific projects and initiatives.

  • Judy Giering, Assistant Dean for Instructional Innovation (A&S)

  • Michael Palmer, Director, Center for Teaching Excellence

UTLT Subcommittee Chairs & Members

Role: Chairs lead and members advance projects and initiatives within the scope of the subcommittee.

Digital Ecosystem Focus

Maintaining health of existing ecosystem, identification/piloting of new and emerging learning technologies/tools.

  • Chair: Matthew Burgess, Assistant Director of Learning Technology Initiatives (CTE)


Former Members 

Online Teaching & Learning Focus

Shaping infrastructure needed for robust online learning programs and experiences.

  • Chair: Joanne Meier, Assistant Dean for Digital and Instructional Initiatives (Darden)


Former Members

  • Michael Redwine, Coordinator of Instructional Technologies (SEAS)

  • Cathy Anderson,  Director of Executive & Continuing Education (Data Science)

Physical Classroom, Lab, & Studio Technology Focus

Developing and maintaining robust technology infrastructure in physical spaces.

  • Chair: Jason Bennett, Maker Space Specialist, A&S Learning Design & Technology


  • Jason  Bennett, Maker Space Specialist (A&S; LD&T)

  • Anna Towns,  Director of Space Planning & Management (A&S )

  • Sarah Stanton, Space Manager (A&S)

  • Wynne Stuart, Associate Provost for Academic Support and Classroom Mgm (Provost Office)   

  • Lela Marshall, Classroom Support Manager (ITS) 

  • Dave Strite, Assistant Vice President for User Experience & Engagement (ITS)

  • Fang Yi, Educational Technologist (Library) 

  • Erik Pearson, Audio-Visual Support (McIntire)   

Assessment & Reporting Focus

Conducting research to gauge health of digital ecosystem (tool usage, user feedback, course evals, focus groups, etc.)

  • Chair, Lindsay Wheeler, Assistant Director of STEM Education Initiatives (CTE)


School Representatives Advisory Group

Role: Help inform the work of the committee and disseminate information back to their constituents.