School of Engineering and Applied Science

Palm Trees Inspire UVA Team’s Revolutionary Design for Offshore Wind Turbines

Engineering professor Eric Loth

In 15 years, a forest of giant wind turbines – able to protect themselves in severe weather by folding in their rotor blades like palm trees in a hurricane ­– could be planted off the coast of Virginia, delivering enough energy to power as many as 500,000 homes, thanks to research that has earned a $3.56 million federal grant for the University of Virginia School of Engineering and Applied Science.

New Agreement With Navy Guides Diverse Research to U.Va.

US Navy Aircraft carrier USS Ronald Regan

The University of Virginia’s Applied Research Institute has signed an agreement with the Navy Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division to support a variety of research efforts, including work in the area of cyber security and big data analytics, and to provide executive education to military and civilian leaders working with the agency.

U.Va. Fares Well in U.S. News’ Graduate and Professional Rankings

Teacher Classroom

The University of Virginia is perhaps best known for the quality of its undergraduate student experience, but the U.S. News & World Report’s annual rankings of graduate and professional programs underscores U.Va.’s qualities in those areas as well.

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