Post-Election Message from the Provost

Nov 9 2016

Dear faculty,
This has been an unusual election in many ways.  Because of the strong emotional overtones of the campaign, many of our students (as well as many of our faculty and staff) have been affected more strongly than we have seen in prior elections. You can see the Student Council’s message expressing these feelings here. We encourage you to open space in your classes (and outside if you wish) for discussion.  Feel free to acknowledge or accommodate students' emotional state as you think appropriate. Please reassure them of our commitment to our core values and our concern for all of our students’ wellbeing.
A number of the schools will be developing forums in the coming days and weeks to discuss and understand the impacts of the election. These will no doubt provide a valuable mechanism for learning as well as for processing the meaning of the election.  
Tom Katsouleas, Provost
Mimi Riley, Faculty Senate Chair