Guidelines for Developing Some Common Types of Academic Program Agreements

These guidelines complement the University’s Policy on Executing University Contracts and its Policy on Academic Approval and Signatory Authority for Academic Program Agreements. Any academic program agreement, including those not discussed in detail below, is a contract and is therefore governed by both policies. Readers should consult these policies in addition to relying on the guidelines provided below. Questions regarding whether a specific activity or type of agreement is covered under these procedures should be directed to Bill Define in the Financial Reporting and Operations Office.

To initiate the process of drafting and approving an academic program agreement, whether a new agreement or a renewal, please first contact your dean’s office. After contacting your dean’s office, a request should be submitted to Bill Define, Director of Financial Operations, and Matt Banfield, Assistant Vice Provost for Academic Affairs. Please anticipate that the types of academic program agreements outlined below could take up to approximately six weeks from the time they are proposed until enacted. 

General Agreements for Academic Cooperation and Exchange

Student Exchange Agreements

Study Abroad Agreements

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