Planning for Parental Leave: A Guide to Faculty Policies at the University of Virginia

If you are a faculty member at the University of Virginia and you are anticipating the birth of a child or the arrival of an infant or child under the age of seven through adoption, foster care placement, or legal guardianship, this page will introduce you to some important policies that can help you plan for this significant change in your life.

For more detailed information about any of the types of leave discussed on this page, your eligibility to request certain types of leave the potential impact of various types of leave on your benefits, and the policies and procedures of your particular school, please consult the current University policy, “Faculty Leaves of Absence,” and consider contacting the UVA Human Resources Solutions Center (see contact under “I still have questions” at the end of this page).

The Provost’s office is currently working on policy revisions to expand parental leave for faculty and professional research staff in coordination with similar efforts underway in UVA Human Resources for staff. For specific information on those efforts, please visit the UVA HR Parental Leave webpage.

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