Faculty Salary Memorandum (2021-2022)


May 6, 2021

TO: Ian Baucom, Dean, College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences Scott C. Beardsley, Dean, Darden School of Business Craig Benson, Dean, School of Engineering and Applied Science Ila Berman, Dean, School of Architecture Phil Bourne, Dean, School of Data Science Pam Cipriano, Interim Dean, School of Nursing Risa L. Goluboff, Dean, School of Law Alex Hernandez, Dean, School of Continuing and Professional Studies Nicole Jenkins, Dean, McIntire School of Commerce Robert C. Pianta, Dean, School of Education and Human Development Ian Solomon, Dean, Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy John M. Unsworth, University Librarian and Dean of Libraries David Wilkes, Dean, School of Medicine
FROM: M. Elizabeth Magill, Executive Vice President & Provost
DATE: Monday, May 06, 2021

RE: 2021-2022 Faculty Merit Compensation


I write to outline the 2021-22 merit increase recommendation process.

Salary increases will be effective July 25, 2021 for 12-month faculty and August 25, 2021 for non 12-month faculty. The average approved increase, institutionally, is 5.0 percent. This average increase provides a tremendous opportunity to address pressing compensation issues in the areas of salary compression, market, equity, retention, and promotion.

Each school is asked to provide a brief faculty merit increase plan to the Provost. Your plan should address, generally, how evaluation of merit will be considered in the school, the proposed average merit increase being proposed by the school (the approved 5.0 percent or an average lower than the approved amount), any budgetary considerations that may impact the average of the merit increase, and other factors considered. Please submit plans electronically as indicated below no later than July 1, 2021. This plan should contextualize the individual and cumulative merit recommendations submitted via spreadsheet as specified below.

All faculty salary increases – of whatever amount – are based on merit. As you no doubt are planning, I ask that you consider the effects, and the differential effects across faculty, that the COVID pandemic may have had on faculty productivity over the past year. Please indicate in your faculty merit increase plan how your school intends to address this issue. For example, several schools are considering reliance on two years of performance when making salary recommendations.

All salary increases are subject to the availability of funding. As such, merit increase proposals should correspond to each unit's budget, in accordance with your approved plan. While the University authorized merit increase for teaching and research faculty is 5.0 percent, a school may implement an average merit increase of less than 5.0 percent in accordance with its approved plan.

University Human Resources (UVA HR) will distribute specific directions and reports to initiate the faculty merit increase process within the Workday system. Additional details regarding the timeline of the increase process can be found below.

The following are guidelines related to salary increases for teaching and research faculty:

  • Salary increases must be awarded in accordance with the Policy on University Faculty Salaries and Bonuses.

  • Increase recommendations should take into consideration such factors as performance, market and equity.

  • Increases are not awarded "across the board" or on a pre-determined merit-based scale.

  • Increase recommendations of zero percent (0%) or greater than fifteen percent (15%) require a narrative justification and supporting documentation.

  • Deans should coordinate salary recommendations for faculty who hold joint appointments.

  • All increases, including those for promotion and tenure, will be effective July 25, 2021 for 12-month faculty members and August 25, 2021 for non 12-month faculty.

  • Schools will receive salary recommendation worksheets via SharePoint from UVA HR by May 28.

  • Schools should submit faculty merit recommendations via SharePoint on or before July 1.
    Once the finalized spreadsheet is in Sharepoint, schools should email vpfa@virginia.edu to let us know and attach a short, no more than one page, overview of their final methodology for distributing the increases, in accordance with their approved plan.

  • Deans will be able to inform faculty after July 24 of approved merit increases per the timeline provided below.

Merit Increase Timeline
Date Task
By May 28 Schools will receive Excel worksheets from UVA HR / Total Rewards-Compensation on or before this date
By July 1 Schools submit completed worksheets to the Office of the EVP & Provost for review & approval
By July 22 Provost’s Office reviews and approves the salary recommendations
After July 24 Salary increases may be shared with the faculty
August 24 12-month T&R faculty monthly payroll processed
September 1 12-month T&R faculty check date
September 24 Non-12-month T&R faculty monthly payroll processed
October 1 Non-12-month T&R faculty check date



If you have any questions regarding the implementation of the faculty merit increase, please contact Maggie Harden, at 434-9244-0778 or by e-mail.