Faculty Salary Memorandum (2023-2024)

Memorandum May 16, 2023

From: Ian Baucom, Executive Vice President and Provost

I write to outline the 2023-2024 faculty merit increase guidelines and process.

Schools should use an average 5.0 percent increase, as authorized by the University for the 2023-2024 merit cycle. While we are planning for a 5.0 percent increase institutionally, as of the date of this memo the Virginia General Assembly has not finalized the Fiscal Year 2024 operating budget. If there are any changes once the budget is finalized we will follow up with you.

I request that each school provide a faculty merit increase narrative by July 6. It should contextualize the individual and cumulative merit recommendations, including any proposed deviation from the authorized average that may have resulted from budgetary considerations or other factors.

All faculty salary increases are based on performance. Your narrative should address how your school evaluates performance. It should also include how you incorporate considerations related to promotions, market, and equity in relation to performance for the purpose of salary setting.

As you are aware, the University is conducting a faculty salary review by an external consultant under the guidance of University Counsel. The consultant’s preliminary analysis is expected by the end of May. We have adjusted the due date of your faculty merit recommendations to give you as much time as possible to consider this information, given that you will receive it a little later than anticipated. While schools should not adjust any individual’s salary solely based on these results, they may be helpful to you as you consider faculty merit.

The following are additional academic faculty salary increase guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Schools are required to submit both a narrative, as described above, and a spreadsheet with individual-level merit recommendations. Schools are encouraged to submit the narrative as soon as possible. Regardless, both the narrative and the spreadsheet are due on or before Thursday, July 6.
  • All salary increases are subject to the availability of funding. Merit increase proposals should correspond to each unit’s approved budget.
  • Salary increases must be awarded in accordance with the Policy on University Faculty Salaries and Bonuses.
  • Increases should not be awarded “across the board” or on a pre-determined scale.
  • Increase recommendations of zero percent (0%) or greater than fifteen percent (15%) require narrative justification and supporting documentation.
  • Faculty who are partially funded by the Dual Career Program: Please note that the DCP will not contribute to salary increases of more than the average of 5%. Any increases above 5% will need to be covered by the faculty member’s home unit(s) according to the DCP MOU.
  • Schools should coordinate salary recommendations for faculty who hold joint appointments.
  • On behalf of the President, the Provost’s Office will coordinate salary recommendations for faculty who hold University Professor appointments. Schools should submit these recommendations directly to Maggie Peña Harden.


Merit Increase Process & Key Dates

Date Task

By May 29

UVA HR Provides Schools with worksheets and directions via SharePoint

By July 6

Schools finalize SharePoint worksheets & Narrative Plans

As soon as the school has finalized their spreadsheet on the SharePoint site, the dean’s designee should email vpfa@virginia.edu (with the narrative plan as an attachment if not already submitted) so that the Office of the EVP & Provost can begin review

By July 21

Provost’s Office reviews and approves the salary recommendations

After July 25

Salary increases may be shared with the faculty


Pay Change Effective & Check Dates

Employee Type Effective Date 2023 Check Date 2023

12-Month Academic Faculty

July 25

September 1

Non-12-Month Academic Faculty

August 25

September 29


If you have any questions regarding the implementation of the faculty merit increase, please contact Maggie Harden at 434-924-0778 or mph4d@virginia.edu.