Teaching Awards

Teaching awards at the University of Virginia annually recognize the most dedicated, passionate, creative, and equity-minded instructors who significantly and meaningfully contribute to the University’s teaching mission.

Exceptional candidates are identified through a nomination process and selected by a representative committee. Nominating one’s professor or colleague for a UVA teaching or public service award is not only a noble act, but one that redounds to the benefit of the department, as well as the individual. Anyone—faculty, student, or staff—may make a nomination. The nominee must be a salaried member of the faculty; faculty wage employees are not eligible. Questions about the awards process or dossier materials should be addressed to Sherri Barker.

Nominees will be considered for any of the teaching awards for which they are eligible.

Completed nomination packets are due February 6, 2023.

Nomination Packets


Click on each title for qualifications, eligibility, and monetary award details.