2022-2023 Faculty Merit Compensation

Memorandum May 12, 2022

From: Ian Baucom, Executive Vice President and Provost

I write to outline the 2022-23 faculty merit increase guidelines and process.

Given that the state has not approved a budget, I am asking schools to be flexible in their merit planning. Schools should use an average 5.0 percent increase, the average authorized by the University for the 2022-2023 merit cycle.

Each school is asked to provide a faculty merit increase plan. This plan should be submitted by June 24, 2022, and should contextualize the individual and cumulative merit recommendations, including any proposed deviation from the authorized average that may have resulted from budgetary considerations or other factors.

All faculty salary increases are based on merit. Your plan should address how your school evaluates merit, and how you incorporate considerations related to market and equity. As you did last year, I ask that you consider the effects, and the differential effects across faculty, that the COVID pandemic may have had on productivity. Please indicate how your school intends to address this issue. For example, schools may consider using multiple years of performance when making salary recommendations.

The following are additional academic faculty salary increase guidelines to keep in mind:

  • All salary increases are subject to the availability of funding. Merit increase proposals should correspond to each unit's approved budget.
  • Salary increases must be awarded in accordance with the Policy on University Faculty Salaries and Bonuses.
  • Increases should not be awarded "across the board" or on a pre-determined scale.
  • Increase recommendations of zero percent (0%) or greater than fifteen percent (15%) require a narrative justification and supporting documentation.
  • Schools should coordinate salary recommendations for faculty who hold joint appointments.
  • On behalf of the President, the Provost’s Office will coordinate salary recommendations for faculty who hold University Professor appointments
Merit Increase Process & Timeline
Date Timeline

By May 30

UVA HR Provides Schools with worksheets and directions via Sharepoint

By June 24

Schools finalize SharePoint worksheets & Narrative Plans

As soon as the school has a finalized their spreadsheet on the SharePoint site, the dean’s designee should email vpfa@virginia.edu (with the narrative plan as an attachment) so that the Office of the EVP & Provost can begin review

By July 15

Provost’s Office reviews and approves the salary recommendations

August 24

Salary increases may be shared with the faculty

September 1

12-month T&R faculty monthly payroll processed

September 24

Non-12-month T&R faculty monthly payroll processed

October 1

Non-12-month T&R faculty check date


If you have any questions regarding the implementation of the faculty merit increase, please contact Maggie Harden, at 434-924-0778 or by e-mail to mph4d@virginia.edu.