Public Service

Louis P. Nelson

Louis P. Nelson, Vice Provost for Academic Outreach
Vice Provost for Academic Outreach
Louis P. Nelson, Vice Provost for Academic Outreach, is the primary advocate and representative for community engagement, public service, and academic outreach programs across the university.

Meet the Team

Public Service Pathways Student Advisory Council

Aligned with the University’s commitment to student self-governance, the Pathway’s Student Advisory Council is an intentional effort on behalf of University leaders to include students in the dialogue surrounding the implementation of the Public Service Pathways program. This Council, composed of 12 undergraduate students from across Grounds, is responsible for supporting Pathway leadership in achieving their intended programmatic purpose through thoughtful ideation and implementation of programming.

Get Involved

Getting involved with Public Service Pathways is a simple two-step process: Enroll and Subscribe

Enroll in Public Service Pathways

Enroll, learn about upcoming programming, and complete required reflections using Hoos Involved.

First Year enrollment steps:

  1. Visit the Hoos Involved page 
  2. Log into Hoos Involved using Netbadge and your UVA ID
  3. Scroll down to Experience Types and select Public Service Pathways
  4. Select Year One then click Enroll

Academic Outreach

Academic Outreach connects UVA...
with the community and the world through public-facing programming that educates and engages individuals and enriches our society. A respectful exchange of views, data, and information is crucial to our work. Academic Outreach augments UVA’s mission to graduate ethically-minded leaders by amplifying programs that clearly serve the public, and by supporting research that leads the Commonwealth, the nation, and the world toward a better future.