Course Scheduling, Registration, and Grading

The Office of the University Registrar (UREG) administers the course registration process, provides faculty with class enrollment information, records student grades, maintains student academic records, and supports administration of student evaluations of teaching. UREG also publishes the online Undergraduate and Graduate Records, which contain the official description of courses, degree programs, and academic requirements of the various schools. UREG is responsible to the executive vice president and provost for maintaining suitable liaison with the school faculties as they establish and modify the educational program by faculty action. 

After departments and schools determine what courses are to be taught each term, UREG assigns classroom space. Courses are published in the Student Information System (SIS). UREG is responsible for final course scheduling and allocation of instructional space: any rescheduling of classrooms requires department, school, and UREG approval. An individual faculty member may not change the time or meeting place of a class without approval of the appropriate chair or dean and the associate vice provost and university registrar. Faculty members teaching undergraduate courses who wish to require student attendance at special course sessions (for example, to administer a test in the evening, outside the regularly scheduled class time) must schedule these special sessions in SIS at the beginning of the term. For more information, see policy, PROV-008, Teaching Courses for Academic Credit.

The grades and symbols used to record academic progress are established by the Faculty Senate. Each school, however, determines which individual grades and symbols it will use. Students are graded according to the grading system of the school that owns the course. The grading practices of each school appear in the Undergraduate and Graduate Records. 

Faculty are responsible for fair grading practices and prompt submission of grades through their departments and schools to UREG. No grade may be changed after it is submitted to UREG without the approval of the school dean. The dean may authorize a grade change only in accordance with the school’s grade appeal policy or when an instructor certifies that, because of an error in calculation or transcription, an incorrect grade has been submitted. A grade may not be changed once students have completed their degree program.