Faculty Appointments and Employment

Faculty appointments at the University may be:

  • tenured (that is, without term),
  • eligible for consideration of tenure in accordance with the University’s promotion and tenure policy and the promotion and tenure policies of the individual schools (also known as “tenure-track”),
  • or for limited term and ineligible for consideration of tenure (also known as “general faculty positions” or “non-tenure-track”).

Faculty members holding different types of appointments are governed by different policies and may hold different ranks. For more information about faculty appointments and initial employment, see the following policies:

Employment of Academic General Faculty Members
This policy is the primary employment policy for faculty members whose primary responsibilities include teaching, research, professional practice, or clinical service without encompassing the full scope of responsibilities expected from tenure-track faculty positions. Their appointments are not eligible for consideration of tenure and they are always appointed or reappointed for limited terms.

Employment of Administrative or Professional General Faculty Members
This policy is the primary employment policy for faculty members whose primary responsibilities are to provide services to faculty, students, and staff in order to support the institution’s primary missions of instruction, research, and public service. Their appointments are not eligible for consideration of tenure and they are always appointed or reappointed for limited terms. Effective January 3, 2017, the University does not hire administrative or professional general faculty members.

Faculty Wage Employment
This policy explains the conditions and terms that govern the limited employment of individuals hired to complete a short-term, academic work assignment, such as teaching a course for one or two academic terms. Faculty wage employees are not governed by the policy “Employment of Academic General Faculty Members.”

Faculty Background Checks
This policy describes the process for performing background checks before new faculty members are hired or former faculty members are rehired after a break in service of one year or more. The policy also explains the different types of background checks.

Faculty Personnel Records
This policy details the materials that should be retained in each faculty member’s personnel file at the department or school level and the conditions that govern release of information from these files to third parties or to the faculty member.

Benefits (University Human Resources)
Faculty members, especially those who are new to the University, must work with their school or unit human resource officer upon arrival to ensure they’ve completed all the necessary forms related to retirement, health, dental, and vision plans. Faculty members may make certain changes to their benefit plans during the open enrollment period each fall. For more information, contact your school or unit human resource officer or visit the University Benefits website maintained by Human Resources.

Faculty Leaves
The University offers a number of different types of professional and personal leave for faculty members. This policy explains the different types of leaves and provides overall guidance regarding leave requests, approvals, and the impact of various types of leave on a faculty member’s benefits. The policy also provides a brief explanation of disability or medical leave, leave for individuals on active military duty, leave for individuals serving on a jury, and annual or vacation leave.

Parental Leave
Faculty members anticipating the arrival of a baby or young child in their household should consult the section on parental leave in “Faculty Leaves,” above. In addition, they may wish to consult “Planning for Parental Leave: A Guide to Faculty Policies at the University of Virginia.

Disaster Leave
Faculty members whose expertise may enable them to provide emergency services during a disaster and faculty members who become the victim of a disaster may be eligible for disaster leave under this policy.

Short-Term Disability
This information site answers frequently asked questions about short-term disability plans for faculty members. The short-term disability plan available to a faculty member is determined by the faculty member’s enrollment in either the Virginia Retirement System (VRS) or an Optional Retirement Plan (ORP). See also “Benefits” above.

Other policies related to faculty employment and faculty/administrative appointments:

Employment Eligibility Verification (Completing Form I-9)
Reimbursement of Moving Expenses
Appointment, Annual Evaluation, and Reappointment of Academic Deans
Appointment of Endowed and Eminent Scholar Chairs
Appointment of Foreign Faculty and Researchers
Appointment of Unpaid Faculty
Appointment of Visiting Faculty and Scholars
Approval of Appointments and Reappointments of Senior School and University Administrators
Faculty Members Holding Appointments at Other Institutions
Summer Employment and Appointments
Faculty Departure Checklist (PDF)
Resignation and Retirement Notice
Emeritus Faculty
Part-Time Employment of Retired Members of the Faculty