Institutional Research and Analytics

The Office of Institutional Research and Analytics (IRA) conducts institutional research and supports assessment at the University of Virginia. The office provides the University community with reliable data and analysis needed for decision-makers to support student success and to maintain and improve institutional effectiveness. IRA staff gather, analyze, interpret, and disseminate data, employing the highest professional standards of accuracy, objectivity, and timeliness.

Christina Morell

Christina Morell, Associate Provost for Institutional Research & Analytics and Director
Associate Provost for Institutional Research & Analytics and Director
Christina leads Institutional Research and Analytics in its mission to provide accurate data, reliable information and reporting, and expert analysis and guidance on use of data in support of the University’s teaching, research, and service mission, and to ensure that academic program strategies comply with institutional, state, federal, and accreditation requirements. 

Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs provides...
leadership in the areas of teaching and learning. Academic Affairs leads and oversees UVA’s curriculum, academic planning and program review, and develops and implements strategic policies and practices that define and pursue future academic priorities. These efforts include working with the schools and the faculty on initiatives that enhance the undergraduate, graduate, and professional student experience.