University Faculty Salaries and Bonuses
Most salaried faculty members in the schools of the University work on an academic year basis from August 25 to May 24 and are paid monthly beginning October 1 and ending June 1. These faculty members are sometimes referred to as “nine-month faculty,” although their appointment is usually for one year or more. Faculty members may be paid on a ten-, eleven-, or twelve-month basis if duties are assigned throughout the year and if funds are available to support the assignment over an extended period. Faculty members on twelve-month assignments do not receive extra compensation for summer teaching or sponsored research. The policy, “University Faculty Salaries and Bonuses,” explains the process used to recommend and approve increases to faculty salaries, including salary increases recommended through the annual merit cycle, increases recommended in response to exceptional circumstances (such as retention offers or increased responsibilities), and one-time bonus payments.

Additional information related to compensation, including an EEOC provision on pay transparency nondiscrimination, may be found on the University Compensation website maintained by Human Resources.

Faculty members, especially those who are new to the University, must work with their school or unit human resource officer upon arrival to ensure they’ve completed all the necessary forms related to retirement, health, dental, and vision plans. Additional benefits offered include disability benefits, life insurance, back-up dependent care, and long-term care insurance. Faculty members may make certain changes to their benefit plans during the open enrollment period each fall. For more information, contact your school or unit human resource officer or visit the University Benefits website maintained by Human Resources.