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Brie Gertler

Vice Provost for Academic Affairs Brie Gertler
Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Brie Gertler is Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Commonwealth Professor in the Corcoran Department of Philosophy. The vice provost for academic affairs serves as a second-in-command for the provost and provides leadership and oversight of the core academic functions of the University.

Call for Proposals for RPE First Year Advising Seminars

CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Race, Place, and Equity COLA/SARC Sem Courses I Due Date: JANUARY 12, 2022

UVA has been awarded a three-year, $5 million grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to build equity-minded, anti-racist, place-based educational and post-doctoral programs. One component will be a series of one-credit COLA/SARC Sem classes for incoming undergraduate students.

Community Partners and Resources

Community Advisers

A foundational premise of the grant is that university faculty, staff, and students work with community partners in a reciprocal manner to further the equity-based missions of community groups, and provide UVA students with a variety of perspectives, expertise, and lived experiences.

We are grateful to our community partners for generously and actively helping us develop the programming of the Mellon Race, Place, and Equity grant. Read more about them and their work here:

Undergraduate Curriculum in Race, Place, and Equity

The Mellon Race, Place, and Equity grant supports development of undergraduate curriculum to foster nuanced understanding of the intersections of race, place, and equity. A series of Advising Seminars will introduce first-year students at UVA to local, place-based histories and legacies that have shaped the University and Central Virginia. Grant funding will also support production of a series of educational videos on aspects of UVA’s historical racial legacy and current cultural landscape.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Over the first three years of the grant, UVA will hire 30 Race, Place, and Equity Postdoctoral Fellows/Research Associates across a variety of schools and disciplines. Participating schools at UVA include the College of Arts and Sciences (Rising Scholars program), School of Education and Human Development, McIntire School of Commerce, School of Architecture, School of Law, School of Data Science, and the Frank Batten School for Leadership and Public Policy.

Research and Teaching

The Mellon Race, Place, and Equity grant will support hire of a total of 30 Postdoctoral Fellows and three tenured/tenure-track faculty members over the course of three years. These hires will foster groundbreaking research, publishing, and teaching from a new generation of equity-minded scholars, and will enrich the fabric of UVA’s faculty, research, and course offerings.

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The Captioning Project: Why Caption?

Why caption?

Captions/transcripts can be provided for both live and recorded events. The information below will focus on the provision of these resources for recorded audio/visual materials.

Often thought of only as a disability-related accommodation, captions and transcripts provide an enhanced means for engagement for many.  Participants can gain from these resources by taking advantage of one or more of the following captioning benefits: