Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Postdoctoral Fellows and Faculty

The Race, Place, and Equity program will hire a total of 30 Postdoctoral Fellows and provide seed funding for three faculty hires over the course of five years. These commitments will foster groundbreaking research, publishing, and teaching from a new generation of equity-minded scholars, and will enrich the fabric of UVA’s faculty, research, and course offerings.

Photo credit: Dan Addison

The Captioning Project: Why Caption?

Why caption?

Captions/transcripts can be provided for both live and recorded events. The information below will focus on the provision of these resources for recorded audio/visual materials.

Often thought of only as a disability-related accommodation, captions and transcripts provide an enhanced means for engagement for many.  Participants can gain from these resources by taking advantage of one or more of the following captioning benefits:

Otter Voice Notes

What are Otter Voice Notes?

Otter Voice Notes (Otter) is a tool that converts voice conversations into smart notes by recording the audio and using artificial intelligence to provide machine-generated transcription. These transcriptions/notes can be edited, shared, and easily searched.

COAA - Creating Accessible Materials

We all want to "get it right" when it comes to providing access to our digital world including our digital content. It is important to remember accessibility is not an all or nothing endeavor. Going at this with a perfectionist mindset can be overwhelming and freeze you in your tracks. It is simply impossible to make all of your digital content 100% accessible for 100% of your users.

The most important thing is to start on the journey and learn some core skills of creating accessible, usable digital content.

Guidelines for Instructors: Creating an Inclusive Learning Environment

Instructors play a pivotal role in the shaping of the learning environment. In addition to creating courses that fulfill the learning objectives of the department and school, there is an added requirement of creating a course that is not only accessible to students with disabilities but also incorporate pedagogy that is inclusive to students regardless of background, experiences, and customs.