Curriculum & Instruction

Brie Gertler

Headshot of Brie Gertler
Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
Brie Gertler is Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Commonwealth Professor of Philosophy.  The vice provost for academic affairs serves as a second-in-command for the provost and provides leadership and oversight of the core academic functions of the University.

Course Enrichment Grants

In an effort to encourage long-term reciprocal partnerships between UVA faculty, students, and community partners, the RPE program is offering $2,000 grants to support courses that include a strong element of community engagement. Faculty members are encouraged to apply for funding to support courses that deploy place-based and community-based learning.

These grants are available on a rolling as-needed basis. Faculty may apply for an initial $2,000 award as well as support for two additional iterations of the course at the same funding level.

Applications should include:

UTLT Committee

Executive Sponsors

Role: Set strategy and provide advocacy across the institution.

  • Brie Gertler, Vice Provost for Academic Affair

  • Dana German, Interim Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Steering Committee

Role: Help determine priorities, review progress, and gauge impact and success.

  • Executive Sponsors (see above)

  • Chair(s) (see below)

  • Sub-Committee Chairs (see below)