Academic Affairs

The Captioning Project: Why Caption?

Why caption?

Captions/transcripts can be provided for both live and recorded events. The information below will focus on the provision of these resources for recorded audio/visual materials.

Often thought of only as a disability-related accommodation, captions and transcripts provide an enhanced means for engagement for many.  Participants can gain from these resources by taking advantage of one or more of the following captioning benefits:

The Captioning Project

The Captioning Project's primary focus is to encourage accurate captioning/transcription of pre-recorded audio and video academic course content. To make this happen, the University is providing central funding - along with a coordinated management approach -  to encourage the use of captioning vendors (3Play Media and Verbit) to produce captions and/or transcripts with 99% accuracy, and to do so in a timely manner.

Otter Voice Notes

What are Otter Voice Notes?

Otter Voice Notes (Otter) is a tool that converts voice conversations into smart notes by recording the audio and using artificial intelligence to provide machine-generated transcription. These transcriptions/notes can be edited, shared, and easily searched.