Academic Affairs


We are participating in a Learning Community Cluster with 13 other institutions. Through deep engagement with colleagues across the country, we are asking a fundamental question: What would it take for institutions to make a comprehensive shift from deficit- to achievement-oriented frameworks in their approaches to the introductory science experience?

Advising Communications Committee

The Advising Task Force recommended that the University develop better ways of sharing information with students through both enhanced technology and engagement with peers. Throughout the 2022-23 academic year, the Advising Communications Committee dove deeper into these recommendations, setting priorities and developing action plans.

Advising Software Committee


In July 2022, the Advising Software Committee was charged with recommending a platform to assist students in academic planning and facilitate collaboration among undergraduate advisors across the University. Sponsored by University leaders in academic administration, information technology, and student affairs, the committee drew its members from more than 20 offices across Grounds. Members brought a range of expertise, perspectives, and experience to the work.  

2022 Advising Initiative

Our vision, as articulated in The 2030 Plan, is to “ensure that students receive the advising and support they need to thrive on Grounds and beyond.” The Advising Task Force was convened to closely examine undergraduate advising at the University in order to understand where we are, where we aspire to be, and how we may reach our aspirations. The Task Force Report articulates a vision for undergraduate advising and a set of recommendations to realize our aspirations.

Where Do We Go From Here?

The Task Force took under consideration the current status of undergraduate advising at UVA (where we are), our aspirations for advising (where we want to be), and what we have learned from other institutions. In light of those insights, we conclude by outlining six broad recommendations for realizing our vision for excellent and equitable advising.