Jody Kielbasa

Jody Kielbasa, Vice Provost for the Arts
Vice Provost for the Arts
Jody Kielbasa is the Vice Provost for the Arts and Director of the Virginia Film Festival. Appointed the second Vice Provost for the Arts in January 2013, Jody is responsible for planning for the arts in consultation with the Arts Advisory Committee, participating in fundraising initiatives associated with the arts, and for initiating and coordinating cross-disciplinary collaborations for the arts at the University.

UVA Arts

The Arts are essential to the University, its mission, and...
the residential experience, inspiring our students to innovate, create, collaborate, explore, and discover. The Vice Provost for the Arts catalyzes and facilitates research, creative production, and service across Grounds—in two museums, with festivals and radio, and by student arts organizations. Outreach efforts include the Speaker Series for the Arts, residencies, and public-facing programs that promote creative expression and enrich the artistic offerings across the Commonwealth, nation, and world.