The UVA Child Development Centers offer services for children from infancy through pre-K. They are available to faculty, staff, and students for a monthly fee, but enrollment is limited and interested parents usually encounter a waiting list. Anyone anticipating the arrival of a child should contact the centers as early as possible to inquire about enrollment and complete a wait list application. In addition, the UVA Health System offers two child care centers: Sharon L. Hostler Child Development Center and Malcolm W. Cole Child Care Center. Services at these centers are available to UVA faculty and staff, although enrollment is prioritized for the children of UVA Medical Center employees. Other childcare resources include:

  • Dependent and Back-up Care - Human Resources offers ongoing, short-term, and backup care options for children and elders. They also provide options for school tutoring and support. Back-up care is meant to assist faculty and staff when they encounter a temporary disruption to their regular care options.
  • Faculty and Employee Assistance Program (FEAP) - Faculty who would like additional information regarding childcare services in the community or who would like to talk with a counselor about making the transition back to work following the arrival of a child may contact the Faculty and Employee Assistance Program (FEAP) at (434) 243-2643 for a free and confidential appointment.