Policy Overview

The University’s Policy Directory contains policies that relate to areas across the University. Note that not all institutional policies have been migrated to the policy directory, so some policies, including some of the policies referenced in this chapter, may be available only through their respective areas.

In addition, each school establishes and maintains school-specific policies which are available on their websites. Departments or other units may have additional supplemental policies for their area.

Health System policies, including clinical practice guidelines, can be found in the Health System Policy Repository.

Human Resources maintains a list of policies and procedures governing University staff (non-faculty employees who participate in the University’s staff system) and classified staff (non-faculty employees who are governed by the Virginia Personnel Act and human resource policies of the Commonwealth of Virginia). In July 2006, the University received authorization from the Commonwealth to maintain its own staff employment system. All non-faculty employees hired after July 1, 2006, are University staff; those hired before that date have the option of converting to University staff or remaining classified staff.

The Undergraduate Record and the Graduate Record are published annually by the Office of the University Registrar (UREG) and are the official source of information regarding student academic and non-academic policies.